Meet Mark Busch

Putting Our Principles First

Meet Mark Busch

Putting Our Principles First

Mark’s strong belief in personal freedom and responsibility inspired him to run for Congress. He understands that Americans are fed up with empty promises on both sides of the political spectrum—that’s why we need principled representatives who…

  • Know the proper role of government.
  • Understand the Founders’ view of natural rights.
  • Reconnect with the principles that make America exceptional.


Mark Busch has been a resident of Central Florida for 37 years. He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Ellie, in Casselberry, FL.

Mark is a graduate of Bishop Moore High School in Orlando, Valencia College and the University of Central Florida with a degree in Biology. He played collegiate basketball at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. Mark is a small business owner who has focused on services to the transportation industry that help private and municipal fleets meet their environmental requirements. The business was recognized by Metro Plan for its clean air initiatives in 2015. Today his primary focus is helping aviation and land fleets mitigate against corrosive activity in fuel systems as a result of Clean Air Act Policies around air quality and renewable fuels. Before business ownership, Mark worked in operations and national fuel sales for the largest independent aviation fuel supplier in the country. During this time, he also consulted for a start-up company that patented new bio-fuel and emission-dispensing technologies to meet standards required by the Clean Air Act. He traveled frequently to Washington, D.C., to work with industry stakeholders to define new rules and regulations for these emerging technologies.

As Mark’s first elective office, he served as Vice Chairman of the Orange County Soil and Water District from 2004-2006. In his time in office, he helped Central Florida communities source funds to assist with the clean-up and preservation of fresh water canals, rivers, and lakes after the 2004 hurricane season. He is looking forward to using his experience with Central Florida fresh-water ecosystems to address the growing need for potable water and the ongoing protection of its natural treasures, like the Wekiva River Basin.

In 2016, concerned over government overreach, Mark ran in the Republican primary for the 7th congressional district as one of the earliest pro-America candidates. His primary focus was to put the American people first before government and special interests, and to lead by putting principles first, replacing cronyism, political correctness, intimidation and fear with honesty, integrity, inspiration, and fearlessness.

Mark was elected to the City of Casselberry Commission in 2018. He serves now as the Vice-Mayor of the City of Casselberry. The city has seen tremendous revitalization and redevelopment of many areas in the last 4 years. In March of 2020 the city residents passed with overwhelming support a bond referendum that will upgrade 5 parks, including the city’s event center, and creation of a brand new bike park for all ages. The city has many more projects breaking ground and is quickly becoming one of the up and coming cities in Seminole County.

Growing up in one of the largest Orange County, FL unincorporated areas, Pine Hills, Mark was exposed to a very diverse community on the west side of Orlando, in a family of seven. His mother and father have always been active in their community, spending countless hours over the last 31 years working with homeowners, local elected officials and county government to improve their community. They have published a local news outlet for 25 years, The Midtown Press (formerly Pine Hills Press), which focuses on community news, events and small business. In 2016, they were recognized as “Pine Hills Pillars” by the Orange County Neighborhood Improvement District for their dedication and work. Growing up in this environment is where Mark’s interest in how communities interact with government was born. He came to recognize the importance of government but also experienced the problems caused by its failures and excesses. He grew to appreciate the importance of neighborhoods and communities working together to solve problems.

Mark also helps his wife, Elizabeth, at her private, manual, physical therapy clinic in Casselberry that specializes in helping people with unresolved chronic pain. Through this work he and his wife have become advocates for personal health and wellness and how it can profoundly change lives. Both are members of St. Stephen Orthodox Christian Church in Longwood, FL. Elizabeth’s mother and father are first-generation Americans, coming from Peru and Puerto Rico. They became citizens through our immigration system and are a perfect model for how the immigration process should work. They came here legally, learned English, became citizens, worked hard and created more opportunity for their children.

Mark’s strong belief in personal freedom and responsibility have been instrumental in his decision to run for his congressional district again. He recognizes the frustration of the majority of Americans that are fed up with the empty promises by both major political parties. He believes that we need to elect principled representatives who understand the Founders’ view of natural rights, the proper role of government and common sense to get back in touch with the principles that made America exceptional and the most free country in human history.